Transportation Planning

Traffic Impact Analysis

Traffic Impact Analyses provide decision makers with the tools to assess adequate existing and future transportation infrastructure. TJW’s diverse background with private developers and public sector projects provide the TJW team with the expertise to assist in your project’s needs.

Trip Generation Analysis

Transportation infrastructure is designed and built to ensure adequate capacity and standards. Trip generation for developments and projects can assist in determining the effect of new projects on existing and future transportation infrastructure.

Parking Studies

Development projects are unique and as such demand unique solutions. Our parking studies provide individual analysis to maximize the design potential of projects while ensuring and maintaining capacity standards.

Environmental Documentation
& Support

As the industry adjusts to Senate Bill (SB) 743 and shifts to understanding and implementing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), TJW remains dedicated to its clients to provide the necessary Environmental Documentation and Support to its clients both from the private and public sectors. Our expertise working with a range of agencies throughout California allows us to deliver the most up-to-date services to clients.

Traffic Simulation &
Circulation Analysis

Traffic simulation is another step into the details of forecasting future traffic conditions. TJW conducts traffic simulations to establish and understand existing conditions to provide models that can more accurately predict and estimate future traffic conditions. In some circumstances, modeling simulations also provide visual depictions of future traffic conditions to further assist in visualizing and planning for the future.

Pedestrian and
Bicycle Planning

Transportation planning should be comprehensive and should go beyond the vehicle. Multi-modal planning such as Pedestrian and Bicycle planning are essential components and can assist in the overall transportation infrastructure of a corridor, area, or region. TJW considers all models of transportation and looks at the transportation system holistically.

Safe Routes to School

Transportation planning is comprehensive and that includes multi-modal transportation for children and parents to and from school. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs have had large success in reducing traffic congestion and enhancing health and safety. Programs such as these play an important role in understanding existing and future transportation needs.

Community Traffic Calming

In some situations, design elements are necessary to enhance the transportation infrastructure. TJW has the expertise and experience designing traffic calming elements such as traffic circles, signage, speed bumps, etc.  

Site Access
Planning & Analysis

Traffic impacts on the transportation infrastructure from developments and transportation projects are not the only areas of concern. Site access plays an important role on the impacts of transportation infrastructure. TJW strives to evaluate all aspects of transportation planning to ensure a streamlined implementation.  


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