Traffic Engineering & Operations

Traffic Signal — Design & Operations

Economic growth depends upon the efficient and safe movement of goods and people throughout communities. 

A well-engineered coordinated signal system improves the flow of traffic throughout all communities, improving quality of life and future growth potential.

We have a highly experienced traffic signal design and operations team that provides top-notch, unparalleled services including:

  • Plan design of traffic signals
  • Improvements to current traffic signals
  • Upgrades with the latest technologies in communication and traffic signal operations

Safety and Accident Studies

When accidents happen, expert assessment of prevailing circumstances and conditions are crucial in making communities safer.

Safety and accident studies are invaluable to the traffic engineering industry. These studies provide crucial information to improve community safety.

We have a proven track record in reviewing the situation before and after recommendations are made to verify and confirm implementation.
Our team has the background to:

  • Suggest the ideal corrective measures
  • Evaluate and advise on suggested improvements to current design
  • Gather and analyze statistical data
  • Assist in establishing the financial losses for a specific circumstance

Worksite Temporary Traffic
Control Design

Keeping workers and individuals safe as a community’s transportation corridors evolve depends upon proper re-routing techniques and traffic control.

Temporary traffic control is an inevitability as communities increase in population. Whether it’s widening a road, repairing a damaged bridge, upgrading public utilities, or installing high speed fiber optic communication lines, etc., all these require proper advanced signing, traffic barriers, and delineation, to keep both drivers and workers safe.

Alignment Studies &
Conceptual Plans

For development lead or capital improvement projects, roadway improvements need to tie into existing conditions. TJW specializes in the transition between new roadway alignments into the existing roadway conditions.

TJW prepares accessible and easy to read plans to convey the necessary design features to link one project into another..

Signing & Striping Design

Roadway indicators such as signing and striping make all the difference in moving communities forward.

Our team utilizes the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices on a daily basis to ensure that proper standards for user safety are met.

Proper signing and striping are critical components of safe roadways for all users including pedestrians and bicyclists. Whether it is a new roadway, or an existing bike trail, designing for the appropriate signing and striping is essential to user safety and efficiency.

To maintain the flow of traffic and keep people safe, we consider all aspects of traffic flow. This is especially fundamental for:

  • Traffic lanes
  • Crosswalks
  • Pavement markings and designs

Intersection Warrant Analysis

Increases in population, shifts in traffic flow, the opening of a new commercial development - there are many things that can require consideration for an upgrade to an existing intersection. As communities grow, so do their needs.

Our team understands how these needs evolve over time. Recommendations for the addition of an all-way stop, a traffic signal, or a roundabout are well-researched and conveyed with clarity, keeping ideal results in mind.

Among the many factors we consider when recommending an upgrade of an intersection to a new type of control are:

  • Traffic patterns
  • Volume
  • Visibility
  • Platoons
  • Cost/benefit analyses

Plan Check Services

Our experience in plan check services ensures that the agency receives a properly designed plan.


Prior to implementing a major community improvement plan, it is critical to have it reviewed by experts in the plan check field. A thorough plan check is the responsible choice. Among the plans we have expertise in checking are:

  • New intersections
  • Upgraded roadways
  • New developments

Roundabout Design

Modern roundabouts are the latest trend in the U.S. for managing traffic flow with minimal maintenance costs compared to traffic signals.

Our team understands that a poorly designed roundabout can not only be an uncomfortable experience for pedestrians and drivers alike, they can put the safety of the community at risk. Well-designed roundabouts add to the calming flow of a community while providing safe passage to driver and pedestrians throughout their day.


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